About Built Green®

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 Less expensive to own and operate 
A Built Green® home can be designed and constructed to maximize energy savings, making your home more economical and comfortable to live in. Monthly utility bills, maintenance and replacement costs are lower so you will save money over the life of the home.


Provides greater comfort 
You'll breathe easier knowing that Built Green® homes contain less toxic materials. A Built Green® home is designed to provide you with superior indoor air quality leading to improved health for your family


Improves Durability 
Your builder is encouraged to use high quality materials to enhance your home's performance and durability. Often this can be done at little or no additional cost.

Good for the environment 
Built Green® gives you the confidence that your home has been constructed with the environment in mind, helping to preserve our valuable natural resources and quality of life.

Recycled content materials help conserve natural resources. Job site recycling reduces waste. Sustainably harvested wood and locally manufactured products reduce transportation energy use.

The Built Green® program emphasizes careful site selection, water conservation, protecting natural features, preventing erosion, and improving water quality.


Increased purchasing power 
A Built Green® home may qualify for special green financing which increases your purchasing power. Check with your lender for more information.

If your contractor is not currently a member of Built Green®, please encourage them to join today. Click for the Program Participation form