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It takes a variety of companies to build a home or commercial structure. Developers prepare the land, architects design the building, builders and subcontractors complete the structure, suppliers provide the materials, realtors make the sales, and banks provide the funds. Within each of these segments, there are numerous smaller companies that also contribute to every new home and commercial building.

The Home Builders Association provides the structure for these diverse companies to work together to provide quality homes and commercial buildings for the Tri-Cities, Walla Walla and all of southeast Washington.

Quality construction in attractive, affordable communities is important to us because we are your neighbors. We work, play and serve in your communities. Home Builders Association members are dedicated to preserving the integrity and lifestyle of southeast Washington through high professional standards and sound business practices.


COVID-19 Resources

Phase 2 Construction Restart Safety Requirements

According to the Governor's Phase 2 Construction Working Group Requirements, all construction, including those activities for which social distancing may not be maintained and the start of new construction projects, is authorized to resume in both Benton and Franklin Counties.

Phase 2 Jobsite Safety Plan Template
The first requirement is the Phase 2 Jobsite Safety Plan, signed by the contractor, must be developed for every jobsite. This plan must also be produced at the request of any employee or regulator. The following is a complete Jobsite Safety Plan template for you to customize for each of your jobsites:


Additional Required Jobsite Documents
Under the Phase 2 Jobsite Safety Requirements, you are required to fill out this document on every jobsite where there are moderate and high risk task levels.


Required Jobsite Postings
Under the Phase 2 Jobsite Safety Requirements, you are required to post on each jobsite, publicly viewable at all times, the following documents.


Jobsite Training
Every employee must receive an initial COVID 19-specific Training Session. In addition, weekly COVID-19 safety talks are required under Phase 2. Below is a sample for the initial training session and log-in sheet to kick off your return to work:


Additional Phase 2 Resources:



HBA Special Statement Regarding COVID-19

The HBA understands that this is a difficult and potentially scary time for our members. We are working diligently to provide you with relevant information as soon as it becomes available. The HBA is working closely with BIAW (Building Industry Association of Washington) to provide member companies with resources to help them navigate this changing landscape. We have provided COVID-19 resouces and information on our homepage and will be updating the information whenever possible. BIAW has also set up a COVID-19 resource page that we encourage our members to visit.

We are here for our members and ready to help! The HBA office is now open to the public during normal business hours
(8am-4pm, Monday-Friday), but will not be available for meetings until we reach Phase 4.

The HBA wants to help. Please use us as a resource during this difficult time - we will get through this together!



BIAW's Important COVID-19 Resources for Employers and Employees

Employement Security Department COVID-19 Resource Page

Employment Security Department COVID-19 Scenarios and Benefits Available

NAHB Help with SBA Loan Applications

Stimulus Resources for NAHB Members

Governor's Order Delaying Implementation of New Codes

PPE Resources

Recording of Phase 2 Safety Requirements Webinar




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